Model’s Outrageous Swimsuit With ‘Back Missing’ Called ‘Sexiest Ever One-Piece’

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the world of fashion is truly getting out of hand.

And now, just reiterate this message, a model has gone viral for her “outrageous” post in which she is wearing a swimsuit with the back missing.

People really can’t believe what they’re seeing…

The fashion world is a crazy place.

Over the years, fashion has become more than just clothing.

It is now often used to make a statement, rather than its traditional use of providing modesty and warmth.

People can communicate a message through their fashion choices.

Fashion is a beautiful thing – clothing and accessories can visually communicate a person’s identity and beliefs.

But it can sometimes get strange…

Fashion has certainly had its moments.

With clothing brands having such a huge platform, they often go to the extremes just to make a statement.

Who remembers the “chained-together” denim pants?

The name says it all, really.

LFStores released these beauties and presented the denim-chain combination that we never knew we needed (or do we?).

And we won’t be forgetting the “clear-knee” pants in a hurry.

Because maybe we’re just a bit sick of having our knees permanently covered up by our pants.


But, as the summer months rage on, there is one aspect of fashion that seems to be getting weirder by the day…

And that’s swimsuits.

Long gone are the days of simple one-pieces and bikinis…

These days, people use swimwear as a staple fashion statement while hitting the beach.

Over the years, swimwear has become less practical…

And more outrageous.

Heck, you can even buy a swimsuit with President Trump’s face emblazoned across it.

What kind of statement this would make, I have no idea.

But now, one woman has seemingly worn the most outrageous swimsuit ever designed.

Haley Kalil, an American model, and influencer, recently stirred up the controversy when she posed in a shockingly revealing swimsuit.

Haley has been on the modeling scene for quite some time now…

And also gained more fame when she married American Footballer, Matt Kalil.

But, if there’s one thing Haley is known for…

It’s her swimwear modeling.

In 2017, she was featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue as a contestant in the first-ever Sports Illustrated Swim Search…

And, as a result, she went on to model in Miami to debut Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Swim and Active apparel lines.

Her is simply adorned with glamorous swimsuit shots…

If there’s someone who knows how to look good on the beach, it’s her.

But now, fans think she may have taken things a step too far.

Haley shared a video from behind-the-scenes of her latest photoshoot, and the swimsuit she was modeling was something that needs to be seen to be believed.

Here’s the front shot.

A high-waist, scoop-necked white one-piece. Nothing too outrageous, right?

Well, there’s a little more to this swimsuit than initially meets the eye.

It turns out that the back of the suit is virtually missing, leaving her back and buttocks completely exposed.

One user commented, “Wow the back half of the bathing suit is missing!?” While another noted, “Hahaha. If business in the front, party in the back was a swimsuit.”

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